Introducing PLL Academy Virtual: World-Class Training. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Accessing Personalized Training From Top Pros Just Got Easier

The current state of the world has made accessing quality lacrosse training difficult. Even before COVID-19, access to training from PLL Athletes was reserved for those within driving distance to the PLL Academy events. With the public launch of PLL Academy Virtual, whether you’re practicing safe social distancing at home or not able to get to any PLL Academy events this summer, you can still work on your skills with personalized guidance from some of the best men and women players in lacrosse.

Bringing Player Led Training Straight To You

“Overall this session was amazing! Joe [Walters] was exceptional and Hunter was able to get a lot of really great advice of which he immediately went to work on. I’ve recommended this to several of our club members already so I’m sure you’ll see kids from NC Fusion Elite start signing up as we move along.” — Scott Bisbee on his son’s 1-to-1 session with Joe Walters

We’re so excited to be introducing the PLL Academy Virtual product to our fans. Virtual doesn’t just provide youth players with one of a kind training from the top men and women athletes in the world. It also allows them to connect with the pros on an extremely personal level. These sessions can be done anywhere — in your room, out in the backyard, anywhere where you can participate in a video call. We are launching with 10 different men and women athletes and 15 different sessions to choose from. We are adding more players and sessions weekly so make sure to check in often!

Unmatched Expertise: Sessions are led by one to two of our athletes. They break down drills and film, calling on the personal experiences that got them to where they are today.

Fully Interactive: Each session puts a focus on improving the participant’s skills and knowledge of the game. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the athletes and ask questions.

The current sessions are broken up into 1-to-1 film breakdown and small group sessions:

1-to-1 Film Breakdown: Virtually sit down with top players like Kyle Hartzell and Joe Walters as they break down your submitted game film and even clips from PLL games.

Group Sessions: Hop on with a small group to work on your skills in an interactive session with pros. Each group session has a specific topic.

The initial feedback from athletes and their parents on our PLL Academy Virtual product has been incredibly positive. Providing a way for young athletes to directly connect with the best players in the world has been fun to watch and has made an immediate impact on these kids and our athletes. We are excited to create more unique experiences for young lacrosse players as we continue to build out our PLL Academy Virtual platform.Rachael DeCecco, Head of PLL Academy

Booking your first session with a PLL Athlete

Booking your first session with one of our pros is as easy as heading to the PLL Academy Virtual homepage, choosing a session run by one of your favorite players, and the PLL will take it from there! If you have any questions about getting started, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Andrew at or any of the other PLL Academy team members!

Product @ Premier Lacrosse League | Product Focused | Technical Startup Founder | Air Force Veteran

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Brenden Coleman

Brenden Coleman

Product @ Premier Lacrosse League | Product Focused | Technical Startup Founder | Air Force Veteran

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